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The 104th installment of Animated Atrocities covers the Fairly OddParents episode "The Big Fairy Share Scare," the first episode of the series' tenth season. Enter details the fundamental problems the show faced after having added yet another new character to its main cast and expresses his concern for the series' future.

The Big Fairy Share Scare
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Original Release Date

January 23, 2016

Running Time


Edited by

Mr. Enter


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  • Jorgen: Due to overwhelming demand, there's a fairy godparent shortage!
    Mr. Enter: Yeah, that kinda might happen when you ban babies!
  • Mr. Enter: Timmy has another plan. He gets Chloe to say that she wants Cosmo and Wanda on Fridays, and then he wishes that there were no Fridays. (As a picture of T.G.I. Friday's is shown) Uh... eh, not too worried.
  • Mr. Enter: After Timmy makes a seemingly innocuous wish that Fridays don't exist, and it has consequences that an outsider couldn't possibly predict, why the hell would Chloe want anything to do with fairies ever? I mean, I'd be paranoid that if I wished for a cookie, the Keebler Elves would set fire to my house, kidnap and torture my parents, and then enslave me to make cookies for the rest of my life! That's just about as logical as what's going on here to the average outsider! And once again, Chloe has almost no reaction. Jorgen saves everyone, and forces Timmy to accept his lot in life. It feels a lot like Jorgen is also trying to tell the audience the same exact thing.
  • Enter: Look, it's 2016. "Fairly OddBaby," the defining moment where Fairly OddParents jumped the shark came out in February of 2008! This seasonal rot era has been going on for eight years now. Out of fifteen! And unlike SpongeBob, no one, not even the network, is demanding that you keep the show going. I know this is hard to hear for some, but The Fairly OddParents isn't even on life support anymore--it is dead! It has probably been dead since those live-action movies.
  • Jorgen: Due to overwhelming demand, there's a fairy godparent shortage!
    Howard & Kreese: I blame our schools!


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