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The 127th installment of Animated Atrocities revolves around "Finally, a Lesson," an episode from the third season of Teen Titans Go!. In this review, Enter criticizes the episode for attacking the critique that the series does not teach lessons, a complaint that no one was making.

Finally, a Lesson (review)
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December 11, 2016

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  • Robin: It has come to my attention that you have not been using the new suggestion box.
    Enter: Sorry, my bad. I filled it up with papers reading, "Get canceled." I don't think that anyone else could fit anything in there.
    Robin: "Robin stinks" is not a suggestion!
    Enter: Also my bad!
  • Robin: The whole reason for the suggestion box is to have a thoughtful way to address the flaws in the Teen Titans.
    Enter: Which is why this show never had a suggestion box, does not have a suggestion box, and will never, ever, ever have a suggestion box ever.
  • Enter: So, we have Beast Boy trying to be friends with the cool kids. They want him to graffiti on the walls, but that would be destroying property and the Teen Titans never destroy property, ever.
    (Cut to Starfire blowing up a bunch of buildings, with Enter looking visibly terrified)
  • Robin: Not yet. We still need financing.
    Beast Boy: "Financing?" Stop using words that don't make any sense!
    Enter': "What I'm doing is boring, I know it's boring, kids don't like things that are boring, but I'm going to do it anyway, even though I'm writing for kids."
  • Robin: Hello, Batman? I'm going to need some money to build a crime-fighting lab.
    Enter: Wait, you do know Bruce Wayne? Then what was that thing about saying Scrooge McDuck was the richest person you know?
    (Cut to a chart saying that Scrooge is richer)
    Enter: Wait, what? Scrooge McDuck is actually richer than Bruce Wayne? Well, shit.
  • Enter: They don't wanna teach lessons because they think that it would make the episode boring. Okay! Never ever teach a lesson again! Stop making episodes like "Boys vs. Girls," and "Return of Slade," and "Books,", and "Knowledge," and "Head Fruit," and "Sandwich Thief," and "Lazy Sunday," and "The Best Robin," and "Leg Day," and "Artful Dodgers," AND STOP DOING THIS! You don't wanna teach lessons? THEN DON'T! Just fucking don't! It's an easy thing to not do, but you keep doing it even though you don't want to, and you keep fucking it up!
  • Robin: Don't worry. I promise you this will all lead to a very satisfying end. Very satisfying...
    Enter: "It'd better be, or it'll be your end. And trust me, that will be satisfying!
    (Cut to Robin having stubbed his thumb and screaming)
  • Robin: It means the tenants in this building are paying below market value for these apartments!
    Enter: Considering the appearance of the building, I have to wonder how they're paying below zero dollars.
  • Enter: Let me put it this way: if the attitude behind this episode grew up ten years earlier, they'd be making an episode complaining that the critics are saying that they're not solving mysteries with their talking animal sidekick.


  • The reason he wanted to review this episode was that this was said by Mr. Enter: "So, everyone has been telling me to review "The Fourth Wall" because it's essentially "Let's Get Serious 3.0." It's not available on Amazon, so I'm gonna review "Let's Get Serious 4.0." They made another one. 'Us teaching morals would be boring, so let's make a moral-teaching episode as boring as possible.' The episode is about the Teen Titans teaching kids... I guess how to buy rental property and build equity (their words, not mine). I thought that the writers of this show said that they were writing for kids, not for the critics/haters? Wouldn't this go against that idea? It's just... umm... bizarre as hell to be honest."
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