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The ninety-fourth episode of Animated Atrocities features The Return of Slade, an episode from the second season of Teen Titans Go!. In this review, Enter rebuts the episode's attempts to argue that cartoons are intended to be viewed specifically by children, referring to the episode as "Let's Get Serious 2.0."

The Return of Slade (review)
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Original Release Date

August 10, 2015

Running Time


Edited by

Mr. Enter


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  • Enter: How does it start?
    (cut to Raven excitedly watching Pretty Princess Pegasus as one of the characters cheers at a horse's rear)
    Enter: Great, a horse ass! I thought we were past the stereotypes that bronies want to fuck horses, but gotta loves those cheap shots and inside jokes.
  • Robin: Titans! Crime alert!
    Cyborg: Yeah, so call the police.
    Enter: (over clips from The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Girls Gone Mild") The police in a superhero show? Wow, you guys are so fucking high!
  • Enter: Okay, so what's the real plot that you LIED to people about?! Oh, boy, that's the fun part!
    Raven: It wasn't just the fight that was amazing. In the end, so many compelling storylines came together and resolved in such a satisfying way!
    Starfire: A perfect balance of the action and drama, along with light moments of the comedy!
    Enter: Oh, good. They did get around to watching the original Teen Titans. Hello, Mr. Strawman!
  • Enter: Yes, Cartoon Network? I'm calling to try and get Teen Titans Go! cancelled. It seems to be under the illusion that its style and theories are the savior that cartoons need and can be the prevention of an art form maturing.
    Phone Message: "Please buy five new toys to continue this conversation."
    Enter: Shit!


  • Enter was originally going to review The Day My Butt Went Phycho, but he cancelled it and replaced it with "Return to Slade" due to having nothing to talk about.
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