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Mr. Enter
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Date of Birth

July 21, 1992 (age 29)


Internet Reviewer, Writer

Joined YouTube

February 20, 2013

Number of Subscribers

265K (as of October 2, 2021)

TheMysteriousMrEnter or Mr. Enter (real name: Johnathon Rozanski) is a YouTube critic who specializes in Western animation. He is also an author, artist, and creator of Growing Around.



Main Article: Brovania

Brovania is a gaming channel that Mr. Enter uploaded to before creating TheMysteriousMrEnter.


Mr. Enter's second and current channel, TheMysteriousMrEnter, posted the first video on February 22, 2013, a review of the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His channel was nothing but My Little Pony reviews until July 6, 2013, when he uploaded the first episode of Animated Atrocities, which was a review of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Splinter".

He continued to do My Little Pony reviews alongside Animated Atrocities episodes and later Admirable Animations starting in August 2013 as well as the occasional gaming video in 2014.

After the conclusion of My Little Pony's fourth season in Summer 2014, My Little Pony reviews were permanently put on hiatus, with the last episode review being uploaded in May 2014, and Animated Atrocities became the main series uploaded to the channel, with the occasional Admirable Animation upload.

Sometime during 2016, Mr. Enter hired an editor to help make his videos.

In 2018-2019, Mr. Enter started branching out beyond animation, with the first episode of Family Film Failures in August 2018 and the first episode of the Technocracy documentary series in January 2019.

Growing Around[]

Growing Around is an animated series being developed by Enter that will focus on a world where kids rule adults, tackling both simple and complex issues with humorous, effective and nuanced stories.

It was first conceived by Enter in 2014 after reviewing "Flip-Flopped" from Disney's Shorty McShorts' Shorts on his Animated Atrocities series. Believing the concept was amazing but poorly executed, he began developing his own series based

Enter collaborated with various artists to help develop the setting, characters and story, most notably Kyle Murdock (series co-creator).


A book based on the series, "Party Panic", was published on November 1, 2016. It is currently up on Amazon for five dollars on Kindle and twelve dollars on Paperback.[1]

Indiegogo campaign[]

On June 20, 2018, Enter launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the pilot for the series, with a fixed goal of 350,000 US dollars. He later held a four-hour livestream to answer questions regarding the project on June 21, 2018. He held weekly livestreams regarding the series for the entirety of the campaign.

The Indiegogo campaign ended in July 2018, with only $10,641 out of 350,000 dollars raised, as a result, the money earned went back to the people who had donated. Despite this, Enter is still developing the series and plans to get it launched off the ground in the future.


  • His catchphrase for when a cartoon does something for no reason is "Potatoes."
  • His first review was on the first episode of MLP: FiM.
  • He created Admirable Animation because he thinks that good things should get appreciated.
  • For him, doing Animated Atrocities is easier than Admirable Animation because, according to him, it is easier to point out why something is bad than pointing out why something is good.
  • His reviews for bad animation was going to be called 'Infamous Animations' before he found out someone was using it and changed it to Animated Atrocities.
  • He happens to be the only person on YouTube to be suspended only to return from permanent suspension after Viacom attacked his reviews.
  • He graduated from high school in 2011.
  • He used to like RebelTaxi but on January 3, 2017, RebelTaxi criticized Mr. Enter for being a nitpicker than a reviewer.
  • Most critics had noted similarities with RebelTaxi. For example, Mr. Enter's reviews are similar to RebelTaxi's as they both talk about the same details. Mr. Enter has displeasure to any shows he didn't like, much like RebelTaxi. Some people had noticed that Enter's review of Rapsittie Street Kids came out weeks after RebelTaxi's review which is one of the examples that Enter is cashing in on RebelTaxi. Fans of RebelTaxi pointed out that Mr. Enter likes to nitpick rather than review. Due to the reasons mentioned, Mr. Enter is considered a rip-off of RebelTaxi and is named the Irate Gamer of Cartoons.
  • He is responsible for starting "notebooks".
  • Enter made Atrocity #134 to promote his new gaming series, Challenge Accepted!.
  • Mr. Enter's favorite movie of all time is not an animated feature; it's Big Fish. My favorite animated film is Castle in the Sky.
  • Mr. Enter's dog, Patrick was actually named after Patrick star from Spongebob for occasionally doing stupid things (like running around in circles until he accidentally bumped into a wall). Keep in mind that this was like 2004-2006.
  • Mr. Enter also hates drool, scotch tape, and newspapers because it makes him cringe.
  • His favorite plot type is the body swap plot, although any role reversal would do.
  • His least favorite is based on how its utilized would have to be a jealousy plot. For it to not be out of character, you have to have a new character take something extremely valuable from the old character, and doing so makes our sympathies lie with the old character. It's flawed from the start.
  • His favorite color is cerulean blue.