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Jan and Bobbie is a upcoming Nickeldeon show that is airing May 30th 2020 at 12:00pm after its pony the show about two kids Jan is a happy chatterbox rat kid Bobbie is a brooding cynical girl who hate Jan but try to be friends and deal with high school

Season 1

episode 1 the counter jan try to take care of a egg the whistles Jan and bobbie annoy people with their new toy whistles

the coins Jan and her friends fight over money bobbie bites Jan's arm and Chrissy punches Jan in the stomach and Timmy throws bird seed at Jan so birds can attack her and Kim pushes her out and they still fighting over money and go on a hunt for the money by destroying Jan's house the seat Bobbie wants sit in the front seat but Jan knows what Bobbie doing airdate June 6th 2020 the wish Jan wishes to turn Bobbie into a nice person the Everybody Chrissy controls Jan and Bobbie's life with a powerful remote she uses the remote when Jan and Bobbie are filming a video she paused them she makes Jan push Bobbie off the roof by editing it Bobbie get mad at Jan Chrissy follows them to the school dance Chrissy uses the sinister mode button she removes Bobbie's mouth and make Jan glitch then Chrissy restarts the whole episode by rewinding it she changes the background music to creepy music she paused the classmates Bobbie is wondering why Chrissy had done this Chrissy had the remote to turn from kids to babies to adults to grandmas to 100 year olds she which them back to normal she pulled the plug with creepy music in the background to delete Jan and Bobbie gets erased Chrissy evil laughs at the end with sinister music in the background airdate June 13th 2020[1]

the warriors Chrissy pays Jan a visit to a person who wears rabbit pajamas

the ship Jan likes Jeremy the Firework June 20th 2020

the muting Jan and Bobbie lose their voices

the safe Jan and Bobbie spend in a weekend in the school safe room June 27th 2020

the DIY Jan's stove breaks

the friends Jan and her friends fight over what cartoon show they wanna watch and what dinner to eat and they had best friends over Jan watching a cartoon with a friend Bobbie kicks Jan out with sound waves Jan pushes Bobbie with a fan and the friends start hurt each other and Jan Chrissy Kim Bryan Timmy and Bobbie are so loud that 911 have arrested the friends and Jan and her friends the

parents come to pick up their kids but they in jail AIRDATE JULY 4TH 2020

the Indeed Bobbie wants to help Jan with her homework

the Puppy Jan's puppy has a vendetta on her AIRDATE JULY 11TH 2020

THE TEST Bobbie doesn't know anything about so Jan is sad about Bobbie not knowing nothing about her Jan crying Bobbie is crying too their friendship is breaked up Bobbie becomes Chrissy's new friend and Jan becomes Bryan's new friend they fight about their friendship

The sitter Bobbie babysits JULY 18TH 2020

THE PRANK Chrissy pranks Jan with the harmless pranks she tries not to gets pranked

The Web Bobbie tries to delete a web JULY 25TH 2020

THE DERBY Chrissy wants to kill Jan for stepping on her foot by accident

The Forbidden Jan and Bobbie find pirates AUG 1ST 2020

THE BRAWL Bobbie and Timmy argues over a song a fight breaks out Chrissy and Kim fight Jan goes out of the house for a few minutes Bobbie Timmy Chrissy and Kim fight in the house Jan said Bobbie hates Timmy's stalker behavior but he ate all her food Bobbie gets mad with Timmy Kim and Chrissy are mad too they start hurting each other Jan ran out of her house scared the cops come

THE BENT Jan had a crush AUG 8TH 2020

THE FEAR Jan and Bobbie must toughen up for a scary park

THE HOTEL Bobbie's house get infected by mouse she had to go to a hotel with Jan AUG 15TH 2020

THE CAR Bobbie had plan to sit in a perfect spot Jan breaks in and find the letter Jan Chrissy and Kim beat up Bobbie Jan bite her arm Chrissy punches Bobbie's back and Kim stomps on her body parts Bryan and Timmy starts pulling her cheeks and biting her cheeks Jan get kicked in the eye by Chrissy Bryan is punched by Timmy Chrissy is pushed by a wall by Kim they start to punch each other hit each other which gets them grounded for fighting at midnight

THE ACE Jan ace a test AUG 22ND 2020

BREATH OF FRESH BOBBIE Bobbie changes her personality after strucked by lighting Jan starts to get


THE FIX Chrissy still wants to end Jan and Bobbie's world they try t

o stop Chrissy in the act AUG 29TH 2020

THE SNACK Bobbie wants to shop for her mother but Jan Bryan and Chrissy goes out of hand

THE FIGHT A bully wants to fight Jan SEP 5TH 2020


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